Broken Car Keys

 Broken Car Keys

Has your car key broken off inside the door lock or snapped in the ignition barrel? Or maybe you've just taken it out of your pocket, or your bag, and the end is missing! Is the key so worn and smooth it doesn't turn in the lock? Or perhaps the buttons have stopped working? This is an unpleasant surprise, but one that can be sorted out with the minimum of fuss using our mobile broken car key replacement service. Give us a call and we can remove the offending piece from the lock for you, and cut another key right away in our fully equipped service van.

If the piece is missing completely, or the key doesn't work the lock anymore don't worry, we can make up a new key to fit the lock by using our precision tools to measure the internal dimensions of the lock, or our state of the art key code software to figure out how the missing bit of the key was cut.

Why has my car key broken?

Many people are surprised when they find that their car key has broken. However, keys are designed to be soft enough to cut in the first place, so they're made from a mild steel alloy or nickel plated brass. This should be perfectly adequate for many years, but eventually metal fatigue can set in and the key can crack, then break. If your key looks cracked or bent, you should get it replaced asap, because if you put it in the lock, there's a good chance part of it isn't coming out again.

If your locks are really worn out, it can make it harder to turn the key, contributing to premature failure of the key. Similarly, if you do 100 drops per day in your van, locking and unlocking the door each time you get out to do a delivery, your key will wear out much more quickly.

Your keys are meant to be used in a lock! Don't use them to open tins of paint, parcels or to commit acts of vandalism. It's asking for trouble. Throwing them out the window can be a bad idea too, because you can break the blade of the key or smash the fragile transponder chip inside.