Car Lockouts

Locked your keys in the car? Or the back of the van? We come to you anywhere in North London and open the car (or van!) and retrieve them for you with the minimum of stress, whether you can see the keys or not, if the keys are locked in the front of the car or shut in the boot.

Broken Car Keys

Has your car key broken off inside the door lock or snapped in the ignition barrel? Or maybe you've just taken it out of your pocket, or your bag, and the end is missing! This is an unpleasant surprise, but one that can be sorted out with the minimum of fuss using our mobile broken car key replacement service. Give us a call on 07956881452 and we can remove the offending piece from the lock for you, and cut another key right away in our fully equipped service van.

Car Key Cutting

Car key cutting is a precise job which requires skill and experience, as well as well calibrated tools. We provide a fast mobile car key cutting service, and a speedy van key cutting service using computer controlled key cutting machines. Because we come to you, and all keys are cut on site, we can test the keys out for you and make sure they all work smoothly.

Car Key Programming

Problems getting your car started? Can't use your remote to open your car doors? We provide car key programming for all makes and models of car and van. If you have lost one of your keys and you do not know where it is, give us a call and use our car key programming service.

Car Key Replacement

If you need a car key replacement in London, it is important to use an auto locksmith who is properly qualified to do the job, and the best way to do this is to use a member of the ALA (Auto Locksmiths Association). Our members are fully equipped for roadside car key replacement.

Emergency Car Opening

Do you need emergency car opening? We provide an auto locksmith service across London specialising in emergency car opening. specilises in opening vehicles of all types quickly and professionally. We use state of the art tools to pick car door locks and open them with zero damage so that you can retrieve your keys from inside the car.

Spare Car Keys

Spare car keys are essential if more than one person needs to use a car but getting them made is a bit more complex than it used to be, as modern car keys need to be programmed to your car before they will lock and unlock the car remotely or start the car. Many car dealers will expect you to have a spare car key if you want to sell your car or trade it in, and the value can be a lot lower without a spare.

Car Key Repair

Car keys can break in a number of ways. If your car key needs to be repaired, do not put it off, call or even better whatsapp us some pictures of your key. Then we can give you our expert advice on whether the key can be repaired or not – unfortunately sometimes car key repair is not possible as the key is too badly damaged and it will not function properly if a repair is attempted. In these circumstances we can provide a car key replacement service.