If you have lost your citroen key then you have come to the right place.. we can cut and program all types of citroen key, from basic metal keys through to transponder keys, remote keys and the latest proximity key fobs.

Citroen cars suffer from a few common problems- often the remote fobs will fall apart or simply stop working. We can replace them with a more modern design which is a lot more durable!

Citroen cars require a pin code to program a new key. This is recorded on a card stored in the car's service booklet., needless to say, over the years these tend to go astray! With our superior equipment we can read the pin code from the vehicle if it has been lost.

We also provide module programming services if your BSI module or engine ECU needs to be replaced. These units can be damaged by jump starting or even by rogue locksmiths using cheap programming equipment!

We can also delete the immobiliser completely from a wide variety of PSA engine management systems, this can be useful on older vehicles which have developed problems, undergone an engine swap or are being exported.