Car Key Cutting

Car Key Cutting

Car key cutting is a precise job which requires skill and experience, as well as well calibrated tools. We provide a fast mobile car key cutting service, and a speedy van key cutting service using computer controlled key cutting machines. Because we come to you, and all keys are cut on site, we can test the keys out for you and make sure they all work smoothly.

We carry a huge range of Car key blanks and van keys, as well as remote control key fobs and transponder chips so you can be sure we will have the right key available for you. We provide car key cutting from an original key, from a key code, from a good quality picture of the car key, or we can cut car keys to suit the locks on your car, even if no originals are available. With modern car keys, cutting the key is usually only the first step of the process.

If the car is to start we also need to program a transponder chip, and sometimes a remote key too. We can do this in some cases by cloning an original chip or remote, but with newer cars we will usually have to plug in a diagnostic computer in order to program the new key into the car's immobiliser system so that the new key code will be accepted and it will start the vehicle.

Sometimes mobile car key cutting is the only solution – for example if your vehicle is stuck in an underground car park and it cannot be towed, or if your spare key is simply too far away. If you do need to use our car key cutting service it is always advisable to get a second key cut at the same time. This will save you time and money in the future, not to mention avoiding the stressful situation of losing your only car key.

Maybe you are a van driver? Take advantage of our mobile van key cutting service if you have several people that use the van, and you need us to cut some spare van keys for you. We can even attend site if you are having a bad day and have lost your van keys, or you have a broken van key. We can cut a new fully working van key by looking at the broken pieces, or if no keys are available we can decode the lock and cut a new van key from scratch. We can also program the key for you so it works just like the original.

Car key cutting is not something you want to do regularly, so use our car key cutting service and get a skilled auto locksmith to do the job right first time, with good quality keys and remotes which last.