Range Rover

Land Rover

Auto Locksmith for Range Rover Keys

We program all types of Range Rover Keys from Land Rover from an old Defender key with a separate fob to the latest Range Rover Sport and Evoque smart keys.

We can:

  • Replace lost land rover / range rover keys the same day
  • Open deadlocked land rovers and range rovers to retrieve your keys
  • Extract broken keys from the door or ignition lock and make new ones for you.
  • Reprogram or replace defective, broken or unresponsive land rover remotes and smart keys

We specialise in producing keys for Range Rover Sport, even if all keys are lost, all years covered up to 2018 - “flip” style keys and smart / proximity keys – no working key required.

Broken Range Rover Keys

Range rovers are an extremely rugged and reliable vehicle, however the keys do not last as well – they can break in the lock, or the plastic casing can crack and fall apart. Many of the older vehicles use a remote as the immobiliser, rather than a transponder like most cars do, so you find that when the battery runs out, you can't deactivate the immobiliser and you're stuck! Often we can simply replace the battery and reprogram the fob for you, but if this doesn't work, we can make you a replacement and program it to the car for you.

Keys for Range Rover and Range Rover Sport up to 2018 model

The latest Range Rovers have had a security update which means they cannot have extra smart keys programmed into the system - even at the dealership - without replacing the KVM module and BCM. Needless to say this is an expensive job. We have the latest equipment which allows us to code keys directly into the module without changing it. Get in touch if you need our help with new Range Rover keys.