Car Key Programming

Car Key Programming

Problems getting your car started? Can't use your remote to open your car doors? We provide car key programming for all makes and models of car and van.

Sometimes your key code can be erased from the car's memory, causing untold problems. Sometimes the car wont start, or sometimes it will start but you can't use the buttons to open the vehicle. This will depend on the car model, what type of key you have and the exact fault you are experiencing. Usually it is caused by a flat car battery or a blown fuse, or a long period without using the car. Sometimes it is caused by a flat battery in the key or by removing the battery from the key. Often the cause is not clear.

In any case we can program all types of car and van key. This may solve your problem, as long as the key is not broken. If the chip in your key is broken then car key programming alone will not fix the problem, we may need to program a new key or remote for you. Maybe you bought a key from the dealership and you are disappointed to discover it doesn't start the car, or the buttons don't work? Key programming is often necessary even with a dealer supplied key. Some brands come ready to start the vehicle but some still need to be programmed with a diagnostic tool in order to function.

If you have lost one of your keys and you do not know where it is, give us a call and use our car key programming service. We can come to your location and reprogram your car keys so that the missing key code is is deleted, ensuring nobody can use it to steal your car. If necessary we can also make you a spare key and program it for you at the same time.

Have you been unfortunate enough to have your car or van stolen? Now your vehicle has been found and the keys don't work? This is a massive pain but car key programming is the answer. Criminals use devices to get round your vehicles electronic immobiliser, which can render your own key inoperative! If you are stuck in this predicament please give us a call and we will program your car key back into the immobiliser memory and get you moving again.