Car Key Repair

Car key

Do you need a car key repair? Car keys can break in a number of ways. Sometimes people keep using them in their broken state for quite while, but this is not generally a good idea. If the metal part of your keys has come away from the fob and you have been jamming it into the igntion lock then it is not ideal and it is only a matter of time before you have a more serious problem on you hands – the metal key could get lost completely or you could even get it stuck in the ignition lock.

If your car key needs to be repaired, do not put it off, call or even better whatsapp us some pictures of your key. Then we can give you our expert advice on whether the key can be repaired or not – unfortunately sometimes car key repair is not possible as the key is too badly damaged and it will not function properly if a repair is attempted. In these circumstances we can provide a car key replacement service. Sometimes the problem is with the electronic part of the key.

Maybe you changed the battery and your car key fob stopped opening the car – nightmare. Sometimes we can reprogram the car key for you and this will fix the problem, or sometimes an effective car key repair will involve replacing the switches on the circuit board or other electronic components. we are well versed in all aspects of car key repair and we will quickly be able to tell you if a car key repair is possible and whether the repair is likely to last – sometimes a car key replacement is a better option than a car key repair as then end product will be more reliable. This varies from brand to brand however and different types of key suffer from different types of fault.

Some types of key are prone to snapping off whilst the electronics are fairly robust whilst some brands suffer from electronic failure more often. Some types of key use rechargeable batteries which are often problematic - we can replace these with a a normal battery operated key, making changing the battery a simple task if it goes wrong in future. Please get in touch if you have any questions about our car key repair service!