Spare Car Keys

Spare Car Key

Spare car keys are essential if more than one person needs to use a car but getting them made is a bit more complex than it used to be, as modern car keys need to be programmed to your car before they will lock and unlock the car remotely or start the car. Many car dealers will expect you to have a spare car key if you want to sell your car or trade it in, and the value can be a lot lower without a spare.

If you need a spare car key it is important to use a reputable car locksmith who can cut and program a spare car key for you using the correct key cutting and car diagnostic equipment for the job at hand. Using a registered member of the Auto Locksmiths Association ensures you are using a well qualified tradesman who has been properly trained in spare car key cutting and programming and is experienced in all aspects of vehicle locks, keys and immobilisers.

If you have lost one of your car keys, can come to your location and program a spare car key for you. We can also delete the missing key from the car's immobiliser memory so that it will no longer work. This means that if someone has stolen your car key they cannot then return and us it to steal your vehicle. This also gives you peace of mind if you do not know what happened to your car key – maybe you lost your key in the house but you aren't sure if someone has taken it, or you lost it on a night out. In these circumstances it is impossible to know what has happened to your car key so it is better to have the code erased or “blocked” so it cannot be used. With most makes of car you can have your lost car key activated again if you find it.

A notable exception to this rule is Fiat – with many Fiat models, erased keys can never be programmed again. This is also the case with some models of Toyota – once the key is deleted it cannot be re-used at a later date. This is the exception rather than the rule however. If you need any advice on getting a spare car key made, or a spare van key for that matter then please give us a call, or send an email or whatsapp and we will tell you what the process is and give you a quote.

Spare car keys are our speciality and we only use top quality car keys and car remote fobs which are all fully guaranteed. Our prices are very competitive for spare car key programming and it is usually a lot cheaper to get a spare car key made rather than wait until all keys are lost and then call us – of course we will still be able to help you but we will need to create a key from the lock which more time consuming and expensive. So, don't wait until all your keys are lost, give us a ring and arrange a spare car key sooner rather than later :)