Lost Car Keys, Stolen Car Keys

Lost Car Keys, Stolen Car Keys

Have you lost your car keys? Or maybe you've been unfortunate enough to have them stolen. Don't worry, our experienced Auto Locksmiths can take the stress out of the situation by proving you with replacement car keys anywhere in North London with the minimum of hassle.

We can quickly open the car for you using our advanced zero damage entry techniques, cut you a new car key and program it so that it works just like the old one did, including remote keys and smart keys.

Of course we can delete or block the old key code so it can't be used anymore.

Don't worry if you've been told only a main dealer can do the job, or it can't be done without a key code or a security code – our equipment means we can make car keys other people can't, even when all your car keys are lost, or it is a “special order” key, for example – Renault key cards, Mercedes smart keys, Toyota Prius smart keys, Volkswagen and Audi keys.

We cut keys to suit the locks on your car or van at the roadside, either to code number, from an existing broken or damaged key or simply from the door or ignition barrel itself. The whole process usually takes under 30 minutes.

Don't worry if your car battery is dead, we'll be able to boost it for you and get the car started. We can also provide a diagnostic report to help you keep your car running smoothly.