Kia car keys and smart keys

If you own a Kia you will know that they are generally very cheap to run but when they go wrong, parts can be expensive – including the keys.

This is particularly true with the newer models like Kia Niro and Kia Sportage some of which use smart keys. These are very convenient as you just jump in and press the start button and off you go. However, people do tend to misplace this type of car key more often .. and when you do the price from a Kia dealer can be a shock

We can help get you back on the road if you lose you Kia keys whether it is a Smart key, a flip-out type remote key, or an older key with a separate remote fob. Some Kia cars, like the Kia Picanto still use a basic transponder key (i.e. you open the door manually) these keys do still contain a transponder which will need programming in order to start the car.

Kia auto locksmith services

Problems we can help with:

  • Locked out of my Kia
  • Lost my Kia key
  • Need a spare Kia car key
  • Kia smart key programming