Emergency Car Access

Car Key

Do you need emergency car access? We provide an auto locksmith service across London specialising in emergency car access. Autolocksmith.london specilises in opening vehicles of all types quickly and professionally.

We use state of the art tools to pick car door locks and open them with zero damage so that you can retrieve your keys from inside the car. If you have locked your keys inside the boot or the front of the car then we can help. It is very easy to locks your keys inside the car, particularly if your car has a separate button on the key for the boot.

On some vehicles this means that you can open the boot without unlocking the front of the car, and if you then put the keys down, for example as you are loading shopping into the boot – slam the boot, and that's it. Locked out. This is such a problem that some manufacturers have reprogrammed their cars so that the boot button will only operate if if the whole car is unlocked first. Whilst this renders the 3rd button on the key (boot opening) basically pointless, it does at least mean you are less likely to lock your car keys in the boot and need our emergency car access service.

From time to time more complex situations arise and simply picking the lock will not suffice – for example the car has no boot lock, the front is open and the keys have been shut in the boot. We can use other emergency car access techniques to gain entry and retrieve your belongings – this may involve using advanced diagnostic equipment to open the car boot, program a key/remote fob or even in some cases CAN command injection into the vehicle network to provide an unlock signal to the doors or boot. In the event that your car door lock is broken or you have a flat battery and your car won't open, this can create additional challenges, but rest assured our experienced auto locksmiths have a range of bypass methods they can use to gain emergency car access for you.

We know this can be a stressful situation but you are in good hands – we have many years of experience so we know what will work on a particular vehicle and what won't in terms of emergency car access techniques so we will gain access for you as quickly as possible without doing any damage and at a reasonable price.